Welcome to Forward in Faith in the Diocese of Peterborough

Welcome to the web site for the Peterborough diocesan branch of Forward In Faith. We exist to support the Society of St Wilfrid & St Hilda in upholding and expressing the Catholic faith in the Church of England, and encourage men and women of all ages who value that inheritance to join us. But you certainly don’t have to be a member of FiF to come to a service or an event sponsored by the Society – everyone is welcome.

We value tradition but are forward-looking and seek to be a good model for generous disagreement within the Church. We hold fast to the faith once delivered to the saints and received by the Universal Church while reaching out to other Christians of differing convictions and seeking ways of mutual cooperation wherever they may be found. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on any aspect of our witness.

Nigel Aston
Lay Chair